The Regional Program of the Council consists of the Strategic Regional Policy Plan and review activities.

Strategic Regional Policy Plan

Pursuant to the State and Regional Planning Act, the Council maintains a Strategic Regional Policy Plan which addresses five issue areas:  Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Emergency Preparedness, Natural Resources of Regional Significance, and Regional Transportation.

The Plan is a long-range guide for the physical, economic, and social development of the region which identifies regional goals and policies.  The Plan contains regional goals and policies designed to promote a coordinated program of regional actions directed at resolving problems identified in the trends and conditions statements contained within each strategic regional subject area.

Review Activities

One of the ways the Council implements its regional plan is through several review responsibilities.  The Governor has designated the Council as the areawide clearinghouse for all federally-funded projects that affect the region, and several other review activities are undertaken as a result of state legislation.

The Councilís Clearinghouse Committee is responsible for overseeing these review activities. Reviews include the following type.

The Clearinghouse Committee reviews these projects to:

  1. avoid or mitigate potential adverse impacts that may be created by an activity in neighboring communities or counties;
  2. ensure coordination and consistency with local government and comprehensive regional policy plans; and
  3. avoid duplication or conflict with other local or area plans and programs.

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