Socio-economic Data


In metropolitan areas with populations over 50,000 people, an MPO (metropolitan planning organization) is required, by federal law, to coordinate long range transportation planning.  As part of this planning MPOs are required to maintain travel demand forecasting models in order to facilitate the analysis of current and future transportation demand.  Travel demand models require demographic information as inputs on a Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ) geography.  The inputs vary between models and include employment by industry, households, income, and as well as other demographic information.  MPOs are required to have a base year inventory of socio-economic data, as well as future year forecasts for at least 25 years.  The Gainesville Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization has developed a 2007 Base Year Dataset and a 2035 forecast.  The data is contained in the following report and available for download in shapefile format below.  These datasets are subject to revision during the model calibration process.


Socio-economic Data Report

PDF document containing summary tables, maps, and descriptions of the methodologies used to develop the data.


GIS Data

Click the links below to download a zip files containing GIS shapefiles with socio-economic data by TAZ.  Note that GIS software is required to view this data.  Arc Explorer, a free software that enables users to view GIS datasets can be downloaded at


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